Thursday, October 27, 2011's cold outside!

Yesterday, my husband and I took Freckles to her first training class.  We are lucky that we both work at Petco because we got the 6 week training class for free!  Training is expensive, for those of you who don’t have a pup!

The class was not necessarily what I had expected.  First, we got there and were told that the trainer who was supposed to be training our class had broken her leg so the other trainer would be filling in for her.  Second, there were two other puppies that were not signed up for the training class but decided they may want to join in.  The whole thing just seemed very unorganized to me – probably because of all the confusion.

Anyway, the class started with puppy play time so that basically meant that the three pups were running around, sniffing each others’ butts.  Neither of the puppies wanted anything to do with Freckles so she got a little sad.  She is so socialized because she gets to come to work with us every day and play with all the other dogs.  The puppies in the class had absolutely no other interaction with other dogs so the socialization part was really important for them.

After about 40 minutes of puppy playtime, we played the “Name Game.”  The “Name Game” consisted of saying the puppy’s name and rewarding her with a treat when she came to us.  That lasted for about 20 minutes…& then the class was over.  Definitely covered less than I expected.  I am hoping next week will be a little more organized and more will get accomplished.  Fingers crossed!

So by the time we got home, it was about 7:45p.  I am not a fan of eating dinner so late but we really didn’t have a choice with our schedule for the day.

I was pretty excited about a recipe I had found (PB sweet potato fries) but was thoroughly disappointed with them.  No need to post the recipe since they were a definite FAIL.  Luckily, I had a packet of two minute Lentil Pilaf from Trader Joe’s.  We heated that up really quickly and ate while watching Top Chef Just Desserts finale.  Definitely not one of my best meals.  You live and you learn, I guess! 

On a side note – it was cold this morning!  I love fall but I never seem to be prepared for it, especially since I have lived in San Diego.  Plus my cold weather tolerance has definitely gone down since it is rarely below 40 degrees F in sunny San Diego!

Anyway – on the docket for tonight is the steamed kale/spinach with vegan cheese sauce and creamy avocado pasta.  But before that – a nice little 3m run.   I will keep you updated.

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