Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My first post!!

I have been wanting to start writing this blog for a long time.  I read more blogs than I can count, on a regular basis and I’m always thinking how great it would be to be able to look back at my life in such a detailed way.  Also, when it comes to the healthy eating/exercise front, I feel like writing about my goals will keep me accountable (or at least a little more accountable).

I think the push that I needed was that my husband and I are training for a half marathon!  We have both run a few races before (mostly 5Ks) and he ran cross country in high school but we thought that this would be a fun challenge to work toward together. 

Since I am compulsive when it comes to planning and researching when I start something new (you will learn this soon enough), I have searched the web for helpful tips when training for a marathon, subscribed to numerous more running blogs and created a training schedule.  I thought that it might be nice to put all of that knowledge that I am gathering in my head, in one place.  & even if only one person benefits from my ramblings – it will be a success in my eyes!  Plus, I get to look back if I ever feel the urge.  I know that I only regret taking too few pictures - & not the other way around :)

So to begin with, let me just introduce myself through a quick top ten list.  The top ten things I think people should know about me:

1.      I am fanatical about football (The Phildelphia Eagles and the Penn State Nittany Lions are my teams)  I probably know more about football than you :)
2.     My husband and I were just married in April – newlyweds!
3.     We have a dog named Freckles who I am obsessed with (you will see LOTS of pictures of her…but she is adorable so you won’t mind!)
4.     I am an admitted attorney in California and am awaiting my NY Bar results.  Unfortunately, I am not currently working as an attorney but hopefully that will change sooner than later!
5.     I would LOVE to consider myself a runner and some other people may – but that title will only be bestowed upon me(IMHO) when I can consistently run at least an 9 minute mile (Just an FYI – it might take awhile!) *Side note – my fastest run EVER was yesterday - 2m in 17:46.  But I almost died at the end.
6.     I am a magazine addict.  I have subscriptions to the following magazines:  US Weekly, Shape, Fitness, Self, Women’s Health, Runner’s World (just subscribed!), Glamour, Allure, Cooking Light and People Style.  I will try to include some fun tips from my many sources in this blog!
7.     My husband and I follow a rather strange diet.  We want to do our part when it comes to ethical eating (my husband works at PETCO for goodness sake haha) but we know that there are occasions when it just isn’t that practical.  I have heard many people say that even choosing to go meatless one day of the week would be helpful – so we took it a little further.  We began with a month of an entirely vegan diet (more on that later!), followed by a month of the occasional meat/cheese/egg allowances and now we are currently in our vegetarian month.  We will be following this plan for the foreseeable future (vegan, no restrictions, vegetarian, repeat).  The only exceptions – for my husband – are holidays.  For an article that I thought really made sense & helped me with my choices
8.     I like to cook.  I like finding a vegan/vegetarian recipe that tastes great and doesn’t make me miss meat (or cheese for that matter).  You would be surprised how easy it is to substitute and make a recipe even better!
9.     I am very up to date on celebrity gossip.  Along with my healthy living blogs and my running blogs – I read and religiously.  I blame it on my college roommate but it is a habit that I cannot seem to shake.  Eh…guilty pleasure…
10.  I love my family and my friends - & unfortunately almost all of them are on the east coast.  Either NY, Philly or Chicago…& I’m in San Diego.  While I love San Diego & my husband…it would be nice to see them more.

So hopefully you have learned a little bit more about me & you will come back to read!

As for a little running preview – remaining training schedule this week:

Thursday – 3m

Friday – Pilates video on Exercise TV (been really bad at cross-training!)

Saturday – 4m

Sunday – Rest

As for tonight – we have our first night of puppy training for Freckles!!  Yay!  Then home for dinner (lentil pilaf, pb crusted sweet potato fries and steamed kale/spinach – yumm-o!) and ANTM!!!

Also (I know, I’m gonna stop soon I swear…), pictures will be coming soon – I know I personally like to see a lot of pictures on the blogs I read – but I need a new phone(for out&about photos) and cord for my camera(for everything else).  Just an FYI!

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