Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Cookie Avoidance

So everyone can be proud of me.  I have been sticking to two of my three December goals!  Stretching everyday has been a complete FAIL but I blame that on my achilles and the fact that my doctor told me stretching would not be helpful while it is healing.  Granted, I could have stretched other muscles and avoided that one but...I didn't.  Whoopsie.

As for my water intake, I have been pretty good.  I don't keep track on the weekends but I made the extra effort to make sure I was drinking water throughout the day on Saturday and Sunday.

But I am most proud of my "one dessert a day" goal.  I have been good - even when there were chocolate chip cookies sitting on the counter at work all day long today!  And because of my water drinking habit - I had to walk by them at least 6 times today when I was filling up my water bottle.  & I did not take one (because I already had a Twix at 10am ahaha)!  Go me!

As for the weeks meal plan I set out yesterday, dinner last night did not go exactly according to plan.  My neck was still killing me so Brent offered to make dinner - who am I to turn that down?!  So Brent made me hashbrowns and eggs with soy chorizo.  We had a little snafu when Brent dropped the remaining eggs on the ground - but at least we had enough for our meal!  And the meal was excellent.  I topped it off with a little Frank's Red Hot (I am obsessed) and ketchup.  Now all the meals will just be pushed back a day.  No biggie :)

For my dessert of the day,  I made something I saw on one of the blogs I read since I had all of the ingredients already.  Yum yum yum - please make this --> Mango Pudding !  I would probably hold back a little on the protein powder but other than that I would not change a thing!  Super tasty.

Oh - I am totally procrastinating packing.  I hate moving!!  But before I leave (and cry into my moving boxes), here you go -->

Fun Wikipedia Wednesday Fact:

Did you know - although Los Angeles is considered the Gang capital of America, with an estimated 120,000 gang members, Chicago (which has approximately 1 million fewer people than Los Angeles) actually has a higher rate of gang membership per capita than Los Angeles, with an estimated 100,000 gang members. Also, the state of Illinois has a higher rate of gang membership (8-11 gang members per 1,000 population) than California (5-7 gang members per 1,000 population)(source)

I made sure to tell my friend who moved from LA to Chicago that now she has a higher liklihood of being in a gang.  I also sent her a few gangs she should choose from.  Ha.

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