Friday, December 2, 2011

It's Fried Egg!

Of course you have all heard the Rebecca Black - Friday song but have you also noticed that she is really saying "Fried Egg" instead of Friday?  I think it is a subliminal message or something for the egg industry.  Just listen to the song again and I guarantee you will no longer hear Friday but instead you will begin to crave a fried egg...

But truthfully, Brent is really good at finding new words to throw into songs and then I never can sing that song the same again.  (For example, he has ruined Adele's - Rumor has all I think about is Uma Thurman - mmmm Uma has it.  Oh Brent...)

*Fun fact - Kill Bill (Vol. 1 & 2) are probably two of my favorite movies.

Regardless, we we we so excited that it's Friday that Brent and I were singing Rebecca Black all morning long.  Also, on an entirely different note - we are really cool.

Brent and I are driving up to the Inland Empire (I.E for short - about 45-60 minutes east of LA) to see some friends who have flown in from Chicago!  I can't wait to see them because they moved out to Chicago in May and we haven't seen them since!!  We used to see them at least 2-3 weekends a month so it has definitely been too long!  I miss them!!  Plus, Papi (fun nickname, right?) is my Patron buddy & I love me some tequila :)  I may or may not still be tipsy on Sunday.  Just a warning.

Update on my haircut - my hairdresser had to cancel yesterday (I was bummed) but could reschedule for lunch today!  I would have rathered not take my lunch to get my haircut but what can ya do?  So I am heading over there at noon & then I have a photoshoot with Freckles at 2:45.  Hopefully, Freck gets more camera time than I do.  Hahah.

I will do my best to post this weekend but I cannot promise anything!  Have a great one!  Because yesterday was Thursday and tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday comes after...

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