Monday, December 5, 2011

Pinched Nerve & Strained Achilles

So I mentioned that my achilles tendon had been bothering me last week.  Well, it hasn't gotten any better so I asked my doc to look at it and let me know what he thought I should do.

He told me that I should refrain from any physical activity that would use that muscle (AKA everything!) for a week.  Really puts a damper on our already slow going half marathon training but I figured I would rather it heal 100 percent than risk sustaining a more serious injury.  Plus, Brent and I have to pack this week and will be pretty busy anyway...

Well, it could always be worse...

So then I wake up this morning and I can't turn my head to the left - apparently, I slept wrong and pinched a nerve in my neck.  Awesome!!  Well, hopefully within the next week I stop falling apart and can start with the training again because...

I signed Brent and I up for the NYC Half Marathon lottery today!  It is not guaranteed that we will get a spot but our chances are pretty good because we are from out of state (the lottery gives 1/3 of all spots to local runners, & 2/3 to out of state or international runners).  I am just hoping that we both get a spot! I really want to be able to run it together.  So we will just cross our fingers :)

BTW - I am soo jealous of all of the people who ran the Las Vegas marathon this past weekend.  I am living vicariously through all of their blog postings.  I will definitely be signing up for next year!

On an entirely different note, leftover chinese take-out tonight!  Yummmmm.

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