Thursday, December 1, 2011

December Goals

Since it is the first day of December, I wanted to set out a few goals to start the month off right.  I don't want to be completely unrealistic so I will try to limit myself (although I am REALLY good at over committing myself and being disappointed when I don't accomplish what I set out to).  So here goes:

1.  Only one dessert per day (I've gotten pretty good at eating 3 donuts on Fridays, ice cream after dinner, a bag of M&M's at lunch, etc, etc.)  While I am in no way opposed to splurging every once in a while, there is no need for me to be eating as many sweets as I have been.  Plus, I'm pretty sure the more I eat sweets, the more I crave them!
2.  80 ounces of water per day.  (I'm already pretty good with this but I really slack on the weekends)
3.  Stretch at least 10 minutes per day.

I'm pretty sure that list is entirely doable.  The only problems may arise on Christmas Eve and Christmas unless of course, I just eat a whole pumpkin pie and count that as one dessert ;)

& because it's Thirsty Thursday and I just found a fabulous gift idea - here ya go!

Pinned Image (source)
Cranberry Lime Vodka!!  Awesome, right?!  Who wouldn't want infused vodka for Christmas?

For the recipe, visit Fancy Napkin blog.  I know I will!  So festive and cute (plus I am not crafty so it being so easy makes it that much more amazing to me!)  And now it will just give the people I give it to a reason to invite me over for a drink :)  Yum-O!

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