Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Aggravating Garmin

Yesterday, Brent and I started our new training schedule with a nice short 2m run.  Brent's garmin would not locate the damn satellites (!) so we got impatient and just decided to time our run.  We know the approximate 2m distance from our apartment complex so for all intents and purposes we got an accurate time without needing the satellites to assist.

It was the first real run since our sickness hiatus and since it was only 2m, I decided to really push it.  I felt pretty good through out - especially during the last .5m.  We finished in 18:10!  Wooooo!  I was pretty happy considering most of the time when I think I am running REALLY fast...I end up finishing at a little under a 10 minute miles.

After our run we stretched real good and ate Brent's Garbage Disposal soup which was cooking while we ran!  We watched Burn Notice and Gossip Girl and then went to bed.  Had to be at work earlier than normal today.  And that brings me to...

Coffee!!  I really needed it this morning :)  I am also thankful to have an unlimited supply of it at work so I don't need to waste my precious (and expensive) Keurig cups every morning!  I used to drink my coffee black but more recently I have been on a sweets kick so I use a little bit of flavored creamer.

I am tweaking the polenta recipe that I made last week tonight and I am pretty excited about the changes.  I will be sure to post if it turns out as good as I hope it will!

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