Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Baby smiles :)

Yay for the holidays!  I've come to realize how amazing the holidays are since I began working 40 hours a week.  This 4 day weekend is gonna be amazing!

This week has been very rushed for Brent and me so please excuse my lack of blogging yesterday.  We worked until 6pm, came home and ran our 2m (18:10...slowly but surely I WILL run steady 9 minute miles), made dinner out of everything perishable in our fridge, did all the dishes, took out the garbage, packed for the 4 day week up at my MIL's, drank a glass of scotch and BAM! it was 10pm.

We had to pack the car this morning because we have our dog training class tonight and we are leaving right from class.  I'm thinking that we will hit quite a bit of traffic but I am crossing my fingers that isn't the case.  But if I know Southern California, everyone will be on the road all night. 

I don't have much to talk about but to hold you over until my fun thanksgiving 5k post - it's WIKIPEDIA WEDNESDAY!  I just went to wikipedia and clicked through until I found something fun and this fun fact won the day:

"People will instinctively smile back at babies who gaze at them and smile.  If a baby cries, many people will desire to pick them up."

I hope a lot of babies smile at you over the holiday weekend!  See ya tomorrow :)

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