Monday, November 14, 2011

Busy, Yet Uneventful Weekend

Sorry about the lack of blogs entries this weekend.

1.  I was still VERY sad about everything going on with Penn State.
2.  My mother-in-law was visiting.
3.  We went out for a co-workers going away party, went to the San Diego Penn State bar for the PSU-Nebraska game, had an American Horror Story marathon, ran a 5k and did 5 loads of laundry.  In other words, we were BUSY!

My mother-in-law arrived after work on Friday.  We chatted with her for a bit then got ready to go to a dueling piano bar downtown for a co-worker's going away party.  This was the first real social outing Brent and I have gone on in quite some time so I was pretty excited.

It was pretty uneventful :(

We got home at 9:30p (party animals!) and had a captain morgan and diet cherry coke <-- my mother-in-law's drink of choice.

Brent went to bed and I chatted with my MIL for a while before turning in myself.

I woke up at 8am Saturday morning a little tired but ready to go watch the Penn State game with some fellow Penn Staters.  The hub and MIL came to support :)  It was nice to watch the game with some PSU fans to commiserate and support Penn State together.  There was also a raffle whose proceeds went to the organization RAINN.  (I also donated to them on Friday night.  Here is a link to the page:  Apparently, my MIL is super lucky with raffles...and our numbers got called 3X!!  Brent is a good samaritan and donated one of our wins to some other lucky Penn State fan but not before he ran away with a PSU beanie and PSU welcome mat! 

At the end of the day, PSU played a good game but came away with a loss.  To be honest, a L is nothing in the whole grand scheme of things.  I was proud of the team for coming out and playing a respectable game in light of everything that has happened within the last week.  I was happy to be around other Penn State fans and support our school together.  All in all, the game was a success in my eyes.

We went home and laid around for a while.  Brent made an early dinner of Pumpkin Baked Mac N Cheese <-- sooo good.  Here is the link: .  I made a salad, which was also fabulous if I do say so myself ;)

Then we drank wine and watched 6 episodes of American Horror Story.  Weird, scary, creepy, kinda gory but definitely entertaining!  I enjoyed it...but was scared to walk outside in the dark after we watched it!  It's on Wednesdays on FX, if you are interested.

We went to sleep early because we had a 5K the next morning!

We left the house around 5:45a because the 5K started at 7a and we still had to pick up our bibs.  Plus, the race was about 30 minutes south of the apartment.

We arrived and found street parking not too far from the Imperial Beach Pier Plaza where the registration was located.  We signed out waivers and got our bibs.  By the time that was all done, it was about 6:45a so we walked over to the start.  The race started on time and was not that crowded. 

My MIL was doing the 5K but she was walking.  So we pulled away from her when the start was called.

Brent had his garmin 305 and our goal was to keep a pace so that we would finish in less than 30 minutes.  We have not had a single run in about 3 weeks due to our colds so we were just trying to be realistic.  The run was pretty flat and most of it was right on the ocean.  The only bad thing was that at about the halfway mark, there was an undeniable sewage smell.  It was pretty disgusting but I can imagine it would have been much worse for the 1/2 marathoners that day - it was right at their mile 12!  Right in their home stretch!  Yuck-O!

But anyway, we weren't on pace in the very beginning but then after the first mile we started picking up the pace.  I ALWAYS feel better after the first mile...whether I'm running 2 miles or 5 miles.  Plus, I like passing people or trying to keep up with people during organized races.  And as embarassing as it may be to admit this, Brent and I tried not to fall too far behind these two little girls (honestly they were probably 8 and 10).  They definitely helped us to keep pushing!  And at the very end, they were probably 100 feet in front of us so Brent picked up the pace.  He came into the finish line right in front of them with his hands raised like he had just came in 1st.  It was pretty comical for all involved.

BUT, I am convinced that they helped us to achieve our goal and my finish time was 28:56!  Killed our 30 minute goal by one whole minute!  And just to put this into perspective, Brent and I have only run two previous 5Ks:

10.24.09 - Crimestoppers 5K - 33:48
11.26.09 - Father Joes 5K - 34:19
11.13.11 - Silver Strand 5K - 28:56!

As you can tell, I'm pretty excited.  So after the race, Brent and I got a blueberry muffin and some water and waited for my MIL.  We stood by the finish and cheered her on when we saw her coming.  She started running to the finish at the very end and finished in less than 45 minutes!  For walking almost the entire way - I was pretty impressed!

We wandered around for a little and found a place we could pick up some protein drinks and fruit snacks if we signed a petition saying we would not text and drive.  I already yell at Brent when he does that so I was all about making him sign the petition! 

After that we walked down the pier (ever notice that piers always look so much shorter than they actually are?) and then went back to the finish to watch the half-marathon winners.  The male winner came in at 1 hr and 15 minutes!  Sooo impressive.  The female winner came in at 1 hr and 25 minutes!  It really made me excited to get back into training, although my goal is to finish in 2 hr 20 minutes.

The rest of the day we laid around, took a nap, did laundry and went to sleep early.  Overall, pretty good weekend!

1.  Mac N Cheese - 'nuff said!
2.  Wine (2 buck chuck to be exact - I can still drink on a budget!)
3.  Melatonin - for naturally knocking me out when I take a 3 hour nap during the day :)
4.  Post-race food (why does the food at the end of a race taste so much better than any other time?)

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