Friday, November 18, 2011


So today is Furry Friends Friday

To start with, Brent and I went to Barnes and Noble on Wednesday night to peruse.  I found a book called "Awkward Family Pet Photos".

I don't know what is better in this picture.  The rattail or the laser background?  So hard to decide...


Monkeys in overalls and frilly dresses.  Pure awesome.  But why is one naked?  Poor little naked monkey.

Clone dogs.

The flower pots are a nice touch, i think.

So we laughed about that book for about 10 minutes too long.  & then Brent found my new favorite book in the whole world!!

Um, what kind of dog is this and where can I get one?!!!! (My first questions, of course)

So I did a little bit of research when I went home (after making Brent wait while I read the entire book) and found out that Boo is a pomeranian but groomed to look like a little teddy bear.  I am OBSESSED.  I am now friends with Boo on facebook.  How can you not smile when looking at that little face!?  His little friend Buddy is okay, I guess.  My bet is that Buddy has some self-esteem issues living with Boo.

Here is another photo of the lovable Boo.  Hope you enjoy as much as I do!


Although none will compare to Boo, I found some more cute animal pics for your viewing pleasure.

If we had a big enough place, I would definitely rescue a husky.  Look at those eyes!



Here is the "Happy Tail" for the week (AKA adoption story).

Adopted Dog

"I was just getting over losing my pit and wanted to try and find a smaller dog, I went to look at the local animal shelter and looked around, all they really had was bigger dogs, when I got to the last cage there was a terrier mix, she was so skinny, all of her bones was sticking out and she lost all of her hair on her chest, stomach, legs and was starting to lose hair on her head and back. They said they found her chained up on a porch with no food or water. They said many people have looked at her but no one wanted her. The first time I held her all she did was shake and act so scared. Now, almost a year later she has all of her hair and meat on her bones. I love her with all of my heart and I am so happy I picked her!"

I am truly a sucker for adoption stories especially with sooooo many great dogs at shelters that really need a loving home.  Plus, my Freckles was a rescue and she is amazing.  I would urge anyone who wants a dog to think of adoption first.  You would be very surprised how many breeds of dogs you could find through animal rescues.  There are specific rescues for huskies, pomeranians (like Boo!), dachsunds, get the idea.  There is no need to purchase a pup from a breeder when there are so many dogs available for only a minimal adoption fee that may be euthanized if no one rescues them.  If I could rescue them all I would!

Lunetta: Pomeranian, Dog; la Mesa, CA 
I mean, just look at that face!  This is Lunetta.  I found her on Petfinder after seaching pomeranian.  She is spayed, house-trained, up to date on her shots, 3 years old and good with other dogs. She is the type of dog that you wouldn't think that you could adopt, but you CAN adopt the perfect dog for you with just a little bit of research.  Most shelters/rescues will even allow a sleepover so that you can really make sure that you have found a compatible pup. 

Clearly I am passionate about this.  I don't mean to judge those people who have chosen to purchase a dog from a breeder.  That is entirely your choice.  I just get so sad when I go on and see all the dogs that need homes.  Especially those labelled "High Risk".  "High Risk" is equivalent to saying that the dog is set to be euthanized if it is not rescued within the next few days. 

Even if you want to rescue a dog, understand that it is a very large commitment - But it was probably one of the best decisions I've ever made!

So to end on a happier note - here are some more pictures of BOO!

I won't put anymore today.  But I can guarantee this is not the last you will see of BOO.

Cute animal pictures because they can make me smile no matter what :)

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