Tuesday, November 15, 2011

NYC Half!

So I have decided that Brent and I will be running the NYC Half Marathon on March 18, 2012.  (note:  Brent has no choice in the matter)

The NYC Half chooses to follow a lottery of sorts to determine who can run.  Luckily for Brent and me, it favors out of staters.  Here is an explanation of the selection from nyrr.org:

How the Field Was Selected
NYRR puts on more than 50 races each year. Among these, the NYC Half-Marathon stands apart. It’s built on the model of the ING New York City Marathon as a world-class event that draws its field from around the world. As we do with the marathon lottery, we segment the lottery for the NYC Half into international, national, and local applicants. Understandably, local interest in the NYC Half is disproportionately high. We care deeply about our committed runners, and for this reason we’re building a guaranteed entry program to support them, consisting of time standards, new opportunities for guaranteed entry in 2012 (see below), and running for charity.

I'm hoping that with our CA address we should have no problem getting a spot - but let's cross our fingers anyway!  I'm pretty sure that registration opens up in the beginning of December so I am going to be checking nyrr.org religiously until it opens.  I would like to just sign up for an NYRR membership because they will update members with the most up to date information but unfortunately, we just don't have the disposable income right now.  Especially if we are paying over $100 just to run.

But I am excited!  I'm hoping not to get my hopes up and then not get a spot - or worse, one of us gets a spot and the other doesn't!  Either way, I have adapted our training schedule since we have been sick/slacking & now we have an official race date to train for.  Don't let me down NYRR!

On another note, I'm making Brent's garbage disposal soup tonight.  He is obsessed and it's honestly just a bunch of stuff thrown into vegetable broth but I will post the recipe anyway. 


6 cups water
7 tsp vegetable broth powder (could just substitute 6 cups veggie/chicken broth)
1 can Amy’s minestrone soup (any pre-maid minestrone soup would probably do)
1 bag steamfresh multigrain rice mix (could just substitute 8 oz multigrain rice mix & some basil)
1 bag frozen chopped broccoli
10 stalks celery, diced
30 chopped baby carrots
3 TB minced garlic
1 can white kidney beans (AKA Cannellini Beans)
3 eggs (added at end)
3 tsp sriracha
Dashes of red chili powder, garlic powder, black pepper

1.  Cook rice.
2.  Add all ingredients except eggs together into large soup pot.
3.  Cook over med-high until soup boils.
4.  Add 3 eggs and mix with fork to break up yolk.
5.  Add sriracha to taste. (Brent and I really looooove sriracha)

Soup!  I could eat soup every day when it gets cold.  It fills me up and I can add just about anything I want (as seen above).

Also ---> Some positive Penn State things that made me smile - WE STILL ARE!

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