Tuesday, November 29, 2011


So I have taken a long break from posting anything & now I just keep pushing it off.  I think it is probably because I fell off the wagon in every way with regard to eating healthy and exercising/training during the holiday.  I know that most people are guilty of that for Thanksgiving but I literally did nothing (besides walking around the mall on Black Friday) and ate my face off.

Brent and I have been super busy but I know that it is no excuse.  On that note - onward and upward!  I will start back with the regular blogging - still having issues with my phone camera and digital camera so hopefully I will be remedying that sooner than later.  Until then photos will be sporadic.

As for running schedule for the week:

Tuesday - 2.5m run
Wednesday - rest
Thursday - 3m run
Friday - rest
Saturday - 4m run
Sunday - cross train

As for meals for the week:

Tuesday - Brent's Garbage Disposal soup & baked kale chips
Wednesday - Salad and baked kale chips (trying to get rid of my kale before it spoils, obvi)
Thursday - Mushroom/Quinoa/Kale soup & baked green bean fries
Friday - Leftovers
Saturday - Out with visiting friends (I will try to be good...)
Sunday - Dijon Roasted Vegetable soup

If you couldn't tell - I love soup.  Especially when it starts getting colder.

Will keep you updated on training and meal schedule!

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