Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Still sick as a dog...

My life still consists of work, sleep, work, sleep until I start feeling like myself again.  I am clearly very boring but I am starting to feel better so I am hoping that changes soon.  I need to get back to cooking, running and other fun things!  I'm pretty sick of being sick!  I probably wouldn't even bother blogging if it weren't for my thankful challenge for the month.  Even that has been taken over by the sickness!  So here goes:


I am thankful for my health.  Even though I have been under the weather - I am aware that it could be MUCH worse!  I am glad that a week long sore throat and congestion is as bad as I have it.  Just wanted everyone to know that although I am a complainer when I am sick...I know I have it pretty easy!

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