Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sub 10 minute miles!

It has been a couple days since I have written a blog entry due to my very busy weekend.  But I’m back with some running updates…& also a fun November challenge!
As for our training, the hubs and I went for a 3 mile run on Thursday night.  My husband is getting over some shin issues so he has been running with me for the past few runs (which is good and bad because he is WAY faster than me – he pushes me a little harder than I would push myself but I wanna kill him the whole time!  Lol).  Plus, I just got him a Garmin 305 for our 4 year anniversary so I didn’t have to map out my run before I left the house.  We finished in 27 minutes.  I was so tired by the end but I was pretty happy with the time.  It was a little more than 2 minutes faster than my last 3miler! 

On Saturday, we went for a 4 mile run up in Claremont, CA (we were visiting my mother-in-law).  The run was super flat – which is a very nice change of pace considering all of our runs in San Diego are full of hills!  No real downhill portions though.  It was a beautiful day and the area that we ran is a cute little college area.  We finished in 39 minutes!  & I definitely pushed till the very end.  I was pretty proud of myself because my last 4 mile run I clocked in a little over 43 minutes.  Progress is fun!  After that we stopped at Jamba Juice to get a smoothie, went for a recovery walk then headed back to my mother-in-law’s house.  When we got back the Penn state game had just started so we watched that before showering and getting ready for the night. (FYI – Penn State won, Joe Paterno is now the winningest coach in NCAA football history and Penn State is the only team in the Big10 to be undefeated in the Big10!!  WE ARE!)
On Saturday night, Brent and I made dinner for his mom and grandmom (spaghetti squash casserole with jalopeno cream) and headed to a concert.  The concert was a lot of fun but VERY tiring.  We laid around and watched football all day on Sunday - & the EAGLES WON!!  Woop woop!  Great weekend for my football teams :)
We drove back home late Sunday night, watched Grimm and went to bed.  Grimm is pretty creepy, btw.

Yesterday, Brent and I were both dragging at work.  Luckily, we made it through.
Normally I use Sunday as my day to plan out the week’s meal plan but I just didn’t have time.  Also, I really didn’t feel like going grocery shopping on Monday night so I had to make do with what we had in our kitchen.  I’m pretty resourceful like that ;) 
We had some leftover vegan cheese sauce so I made pasta/steamed kale & broccoli.  I filled a pot with enough water for the pasta, added cayenne powder/sea salt and put it on the stove.  While it was heating up, I added the kale and broccoli to steam.  Once the pot started to boil, I left the kale and broccoli in for a couple of minutes then strained them out.  Then I put the pasta in for about 5 minutes because Brent really likes pasta al dente.  Yay for only one pot to clean!  I heated the vegan cheese sauce in the microwave and then mixed it with the pasta/kale/broccoli.  All the while I had green bean fries in the over at 400 F for 40 minutes à green bean fries are awesome and super easy.  Just spray them with Pam on a baking sheet and sprinkle with your favorite seasonings/spices.  Then put them in the oven!  I use chili powder, garlic powder, pepper and sometimes a little salt.  I dip them in ketchup & they are delicious!
So, overall, the makeshift meal turned out pretty good – plus we had leftovers for lunch today at work! 

Now – as for my November challenge, Brent and I are trying to save as much money as possible so we have been eating on a budget for the past 3 weeks.  We have been spending an average of $50 per week on the pre-planned meals that we have decided on.  I decided to take it a bit further. 
I am attempting to clear out our cabinets and utilize all the food we have that we just don’t make or even know we have because it is shoved in the back somewhere.
Spend only $20 a week on extraneous foods for our meals.

I know that it will be very difficult because I have a hard time spending only $50 every week but I am just going to have to be creative.  I think it will be a fun challenge!  Plus, our lease is up in the middle of December so clearing out our cupboards will make any move that much easier!  & that extra money we have will be going toward Christmas presents for our family and friends.
As for tonight, Brent and I are both still feeling under the weather so we are postponing our run.  Since it has been cold as of late, I have been wanting to make chili.  I found an easy recipe for white bean chili in the Crockpot on a recipe website.  I made a few changes, though.  I put everything together in the Crockpot this morning, put the timer on for 8 hours and it should be all ready when we get home.  All I will have to do is make the cornbread and we will be all ready for dinner!  I love Crockpot meals!!  Yum.  I will let you know how it turns out!

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