Friday, November 18, 2011

Running in the dark

One bad thing about daylight savings time is having to run in the dark.

Brent and I didn't get home from work till 6 & then we got ready for our run. We were both really not feeling it but we forced ourselves to do it. Since it was cold and dark, we attempted to run on the treadmill at our little fitness center in our  apartment complex.  I put on How I Met Your Mother and ran about 1.25m before Brent got bored and wanted to run outside.  So being the wonderful wife that I am, I went with him and ran another 1.25m outside. I was definitely pushing pretty hard and I was expecting a pretty good time.  I was not disappointed!  We ran the 2.5m in 23:10 :)  Pretty good for slow me!

So now I am laying around, drinking a scotch toddy and attacking our backed up DV-R!  Revenge and American Horror Story and Parks and Recreation and The Office...woot woot!  Have a wonderful night!  I know I will! 

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