Thursday, November 10, 2011

So many things to say...

Unless you live under a rock, you have probably heard a lot of things about Penn State University over the past few days.  A lot of bad things.  A lot of true things.  A lot of fabricated things.  A lot of exagerrated things.  & a lot of mean things. 

Unless you are a Penn Stater or know a Penn Stater, you have not heard anything positive.

I don't want to sound callus.  I don't want people to think that I am more concerned with the reputation of my alma mater than the poor victims of these senseless disgusting crimes.  That is simply not true.  I am not condoning the actions of Sandusky.  I am not agreeing with how the entire situation was approached and dealt with by the staff and faculty of Penn State.  I think the people involved were WRONG.  Some legally and some morally.

I am mad.  At Joe Paterno for not informing the police.  At Sandusky for tarnishing the reputation of something I was so proud of by doing something so unforgiveable and heinous.  At the media for turning this situation into a frenzied attempt to rip Joe Pa apart in every way imaginable.  At people who look at me as if I am defending a pedophile because I am standing up for Penn State as a whole.

With all of that said, I believe Penn State will be able to move on from this nightmarish situation.  For those of you who don't understand the "Penn State" mentality, below is a post from Beth Painter.  I do not know her but I agree with her sentiment wholeheartedly.  It is a must read for anyone who would like to understand how us "Penn Staters" are feeling about this whole thing.

"We know you don’t understand. Generally, we don’t try to explain. Unless you are a Buckeye or Fighting Irish, you probably don’t get how an institution embeds itself in a student’s life. And that is fine.
But right now, we want you to know this:
We are distraught and truly sickened by this horror perpetrated on young victims by one who represented the Blue and White, and perpetuated by others at the University. We aren’t blind followers who drink Blue Kool-Aid. We grieve for and with the victims and their families. We pray for them to find healing and peace and a way to live a good life.
We know that while many people had responsibility, the most visible one almost always goes down first. We are not disputing the need for this to happen.
We are not “defending” anything. We are simply crushed and heartbroken. This is not the Penn State we love, the Penn State that is part of our being.
What you know of Joe Paterno probably comes from television or magazine articles.
We know the man who has lived in the same McKee St house for decades. We have chatted with him as he walked to practice. We have eaten ice cream with him at the Creamery. We have studied in the new library wing his money helped build. We have visited the sports museum and spiritual center he also helped build. We have seen him cheering on other Penn State athletes. We know he loves Penn State as much as we do.
Some of our friends, brothers, husbands, sons have been privileged to put on the Blue and White uniform and listen to 100,000 fans in Beaver Stadium. We know how hard they have worked, how much time they have devoted, how many of them have been part of an excellent scholar/athlete legacy…and how much they love this man and this program.
We aren’t stupid or naive. We know Joe Paterno has culpability. We know he could have made different choices - he admitted that. We don’t think he is God or always perfect or saintly. But he is the greatest college football coach ever, and he is PSU family, and we don’t want his exit to be like this.
WE ARE…not closing our eyes, ignoring reports, pretending this isn’t a wretched occurrence.
WE ARE…angry that innocents would be violated under our care.
WE ARE…in support of appropriate punishment for every person involved.
WE ARE…demanding change to a system that would allow this.
WE ARE…not concerned if you do not understand our love and devotion.
WE ARE…PENN STATE proud and we will rise again."
The amazing memories, friends and education that I gained while at Penn State.  I am, and always will be, a proud Penn Stater.


  1. I saw your link to this post on carrotsncake. I just want to let you know, that I really am sad for the alumni of penn state. I went to Michigan and I can only imagine how sick I would feel to know those things happened at a school I am so proud of. I absolutely understand what you mean about a school embedding itself in your soul. Sandusky is not Penn State, the administrators are not Penn State, even Joe Paterno does not define Penn State. I have been praying for the victims of Sandusky's crimes, and I have also said a few prayers for peace at the school you love so much.

  2. I really appreciate your comment! Thank you so much for the support :)